Bhutan Motorcycle Tour



Bhutan motorcycle tour

Bhutan motorcycle tour

Our Central Heartlands on Royal Enfields is a 12-day leisurely paced motorcycling trip that is designed to give you most of what Bhutan has to offer. It takes you to the beautiful valleys of Haa, Paro, Trongsa, Punakha, Phubjikha and Bumthang riding on 500 cc classic motorcycles on the main highways of Bhutan. The road is simply made for someone who would enjoy cruising on the Himalayas. The trip also takes you to some of the most popular tourist attractions in the kingdom and complements your motorcycling experience with an indulging cultural treat with something for everyone – a glimpse of our living culture and traditions, rich history, medieval fortresses, stunning bio-diversity, panoramic views over the Himalayas, friendly locals and rural lifestyles etc. Great riding during the day, and cozy evenings in comfortable hotels, campsites and local farmhouses is the crux of this riding experience. In short, it’s the perfect cultural experience on wheels. As with all our trips an experienced leader and support crew are with you every mile, providing expert guidance and mechanical or medical assistance if required.


  • Superb combination of asphalt and gravel road that takes you to some of the highest motorable passes in Bhutan on classic Royal Enfield motorcycles.
  • Characterized by less traffic, clean air, natural forests, sinuous mountains, meandering rivers, alpine flowers and birds chirping through out the trail, smiling faces, medieval fortresses and temples, far-off villages.
  • Explore and experience the touristic valleys of Bhutan with plenty of attractions.
  • Traverse beautiful landscapes and varied vegetation from alpine shrubs to temperate forests. See Rhododendrons flowers adjacent to the road in spring.
  • See ancient Bhutanese Heritage, History, and sacred Buddhist sites.
  • Experience local farmhouse stay in Ura and enjoy camping with bonfire in Punakha
  • Enjoy Bhutanese culinary and food.
  • Visit many sacred temples, medieval fortresses (Dzongs), museums etc.
  • See our art and architecture in the form of paintings, appliqués, textiles, murals, houses etc.
  • Experience local lifestyles of Bhutan up-close; visit local houses, schools, and temples.
  • Be immersed in the grandeur of the Himalayas; enjoy the pristine nature.
  • Experience and be part of the unique living culture of Bhutan.


Day 1 : Paro Valley

Day 2 : Haa Valley Excursion – 6 hrs (ride time.) – 110 km

Bhutan motorcycle tour

Bhutan motorcycle tour

Day 3 : Paro Valley to Punakha Valley – (4 hrs 30 mins) – 130 km

Day 4 : Punakha Valley to Trongsa – 4 hrs 30 mins. 125 km

Bhutan motorcycle tour

Bhutan motorcycle tour

Day 5 : Trongsa to Choekhor Valley (Jakar town) - 2 hrs. 68 km

Bhutan motorcycle tour

Bhutan motorcycle tour

Day 6 : Excursion to Ura Valley – 4 hours – or relax instead! 80km

Day 7 : Choekhor Valley to Phobjikha Valley - 4 hours. 120km

Day 8 : Phobjikha Valley to Punakha Valley – 4 hrs incl side trip. 90 km

Day 9 : Leisure in the Punakha Valley.

Day 10 : Punakha Valley to Thimphu -  2 hours 45 mins. 78 km

Day 11 : Thimphu Valley Sightseeing with hike to Tango and Cheri Monasteries -30km

Day 12 : Ride to Paro Valley and Hike to Tiger’s Nest – 1 hour 15 mins.  70km

Day 13 : Farewell

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