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Golden triangle motorcycle tour

Golden triangle motorcycle tour

Golden Triangle motorcycle tour discovers the infamous Golden Triangle, a remote area covering parts of Shan State in Myanmar and smaller, adjacent areas of Laos and Thailand. This is one of the most exciting rides in Laos. It is a sensational trip requiring a high level of riding skill, a free spirit and a sense of adventure. It is muddy, slippery, rocky and wild and will leave you tired but exhilarated.

Discover one of the wildest areas in the world, riding through a beautiful untouched natural environment of dense jungle and native wildlife. Enjoy a relaxing time on the Mekong River and see large area of the border country of Laos, Thailand and Myanmar at the junction of the Mekong and Sop Rivers.

Golden triangle motorcycle tour will lead you to visit the villages of local hill tribes such as Akha, Lu, Thai Dam, Mien, Yunnases, Lo Lo; meet with them and eat with them to experience and appreciate their different cultures. Options include trekking and riding elephants through the central grasslands of the Golden Triangle.

As this is our special trips in Northern Laos, you will need to contact us at least 1 months in advance for all the necessary information about roads, weather, etc and to allow time for some rider training in muddy and slippery conditions.

The 7 days of Golden triangle motorcycle tour will ride over 1.100 km, through 4 provinces in Northwest Laos, following a dirt trail along the Laos border with Thailand, Myanmar and China. We follow the old drug trafficking trails to discover this unique area, which was the center of opium poppy growing in Indochina.

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Day 1: Luang Prabang – Hongsa – Xieng Khone (Xieng Hong). 180 km/~120 km dirt-road

Golden triangle motorcycle tour will start from Luang Prabang – one of the most ancient and beautiful city of Laos. Head west on route No 1A on the muddy and bumpy dirt road then we take a ferry across the Mekong River to Xayabury Province where we will have lunch in the provincial capital. We will then need all our off-road riding skills to explore the Laotian jungle wilderness, along 95 km of some of the most challenging roads in northern Laos.

Hong Sa, Xayaboury has a very rugged landscape with forested mountains, and it is known for the production of rice, cotton, peanuts, sesame, maize and oranges. Teak forests cover large parts of the province and have Elephant festival during February.

– L, D

– Hotel in Xieng Hong

Day 2: Xieng Hong – Houei Xai. 180 km

Pray to God that it doesn’t rain so that we eat dust today instead of mud for the 93 km ride along the Thai border to the Mekong River. There we take a boat and enjoy our trip up to Huay Xai. You may be the only people around and if you are lucky you will meet local Mahmud and see many elephants.

We will finish the second day of Golden triangle motorcycle tour at Huay Xai in the late afternoon, the beautiful border crossing town located on the Laos side of the Mekong River.

– B, L, D

– Hotel in Houei Xai.

Day 3: Houei Xai – Golden Triangle – Muong Meung. 170 km dirt-road

Golden Triangle motorbike tour

Golden Triangle motorcycle tour

The third day of Golden triangle motorcycle tour, get on board the boat to head up the Mekong to the famous Golden Triangle. This region once grew thousands of acres of opium poppies. See the small and quiet villages of Akha and Yao ethnic minorities. Our boat will pass by Sop Roak – village of the Akha people on the Thai Mekong River bank at the junction of the Roak and Mekong rivers.

Time to work! We get back to our bikes and take the single track along Mekong river to Muang Meung.

– B, L, D

– Laos Guess house

Day 4: Muong Meung – Nam Ha National Park – Vieng Phoukha – Luang Nam Tha. 150 km dirt-road

It is hard to say farewell to this part of riding along Mekong. Wake up early if you do not want to miss runsise on river. Enjoy this part until we head Xieng Kok. On this peaceful stretch of road, the biggest hazards you are likely to see on the road are the cows and chickens who roam freely around the area!

We will drive through beautiful rain forest to Luang Nam Tha. Along the way we will have a chance to visit local hill-tribe villages of Akha, H’Mong, Tai Dam, Lu people. Our lunch will be prepare for road-stop with some local traditional stuffs : sticky rice & dried beef.

– B, L, D

– Hotel in Luong Nam Tha

Day 5: Luang Nam Tha – Na Mor – Boun Tai. 130 km dirt-road

Golden triangle motorcycle tour

Akha ethnic – Golden triangle motorcycle tour

A long and exceptional riding day through a wide variety of road surfaces, none of it smooth, and we will pass only a couple of vehicles per hour at the most. The bad road conditions are not terribly difficult, but it will force us to keep our speed down to avoid frame-bending holes. This road was built by the Chinese government in the ’60s and has barely been maintained since then. Each rainy season piles on more damage. Much of the day we ride through primary forest-clad mountains and we will pass several extremely primitive hill tribe villages where women still roam around topless.

In the town of Boun Tai we will explore the remnants of an old French Legionnaire fort in a state of total disrepair.

– B, L, D

– Hotel in Boun Tai

Day 6: Boun Tai – Muang Khua – Nong Khiaw. 110 km/~75 km dirt-road + 4h boat trip

Golden triangle motorcycle tour

Boat trip – Golden triangle motorcycle tour

That is interesting to see market in the morning in Boun Tai. There are plenty of goods coming up to local trading square in town center.

Today is easy day, as we have 70 km on bumpy road…only. We will ride through many Laos Thung village home of mid-land ethnic groups. Take a rare good paved road from intersection to Muang Khua where we enter our long-tail boat.

On our 4 hours boat cruise downstream to Nong Khiew we see great landscapes and river sceneries and explore the natural way of life along the river banks. Most of rivers in Laos are just…rough and sitting in boat makes same feeling with riding on winding road.

– B, L, D

– Laos family homestay

Day 7: Nong Khiaw – Pak Xeng – Luang Prabang. 230 km/~120 km dirt-road

Ride through more stunning country as you wind your way south to Luang Prabang.

The back-road of 120 km from Sam Soun to Luang Prabang is on gravel. Prepare you mind to get lost somewhere in the jungle.

Finish Golden triangle motorcycle tour in a nice restaurant on Mekong river side, there will be load of beer to clean your body of dust!


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