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North west Vietnam motorbike tour

North west Vietnam motorbike tour

The North west Vietnam motorbike tour will take you to a faraway mountainous and secret area. Stories of the people from these remote areas were more like fairy tales characterized by mystical lands populated by nomadic tribes having such a special relationship with the environment. These people were considered savages by the rest of the nation and the more developed populations in the area. These “savage”, living in a large area from the North west of Vietnam to North of Laos, South Myanmar, South China and North Thailand depended entirely on the local wildlife for their subsistence living with little trade with groups outside the area. It was only when the French colonized Vietnam ventured into this mystical area that the inhabitant’s secrets and wild lives were revealed to the outside world for the first time.

North west vietnam motorbike tour

Thai ethnic dance

Currently, join the North west Vietnam motorbike tour you have had the opportunity to visit the North West Vietnam, you have the opportunity to see a variety of ethnic diversification which exist nowhere else in the world. The North West Vietnam is the home to heroic historical figures; known through historical stories honoring their triumph in the battle against nature and its beasts from deep in the forest. The North West Vietnam is also the home of unique ethnic mountain tribes. Travel by motorbike through over 1,000km you are offered a perfect opportunity to discover the intimate culture of various ethnic minority groups, such as the Thai, Muong, Dao, Lu, Khang, Kho Mu, H’mong and Giay…It is also a unique chance for you to learn about the 9 years against the French colonialist during the period between 1945 and 1954.

Be ready to take a Vietnam motorbike tour and discover the majestic miracles of the area on the open road and the secrets of the beloved North West Vietnam – a land which always draws open-jaw amazement and curiosity from travelers.

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Day 1 : Hanoi – Mai Chau, 145 km ~ 5h

Heading out of Hanoi on road number 6, the North west Vietnam motorbike tour will go to Mai Chau, and idyllic valley populated by mainly White Thai ethnic people. The scenery of the arrival to Mai Chau is characterized with beautiful limestone mountains and colorful hill tribes who can be seen and visited on the way.

After lunch, we have the whole afternoon free to climb up to the top of Thung Nhuoi pass. From the top of the pass there is a beautiful view of Mai Chau valley, often engulfed by clouds but still a sight to be enjoyed. After dinner, you can spend the evening and enjoy a Thai traditional music show. In their traditional attire, typical of their culture, Thai women invite visitors to participate in the Xoe dance. To the rhythmical and ebullient music, the hosts and guests will dance for hours hand-in-hand. When they get tired, they stop for a while to drink special sticky rice liquor called “ruou can”. Visitors who participate in the Xoe dance once, especially by the light of a fire at night are likely to remember it forever.

– L,D

– Night in Thai’s family

Day 2 : Mai Chau – Moc Chau, 120 km ~ 4h

Have breakfast and enjoy fresh air in countryside of Mai Chau. We then take an easy day to explore the main land of Moc Chau plateau. If you do not mind, we will take some dirt tracks for fun and there will be more hill roads, twisted roads ahead. On good road looking high over distant mountains we head up into a forested region populated by H’mong people before descending into a hilly green region.

Spend second night of the North west Vietnam motorbike tour in our beautiful homestay settled in a peaceful village.


– Night in Thai’s family

Day 3 : Moc Chau – Tuan Giao, 180 km ~ 6h

Today, we have more mountain passes to challenge us, such as Son La, Chieng Pac, and Pha Din. You will enjoy the beautiful landscape on your way from Son La to Lai Chau town. The afternoon will provide free time to climb over the top of the Pha Din Pass – known as the interface between Heaven and Earth. Pha Din forms a natural border between Son La and Dien Bien Phu, the site of the decisive battle in Vietnam’s struggle for independence in 1954.

The third day of the North west Vietnam motorbike tour will finish at a nice Guess house in Tuan Giao town.

– B,L,D

– Night in hotel

Day 4 : Tuan Giao – Dien Bien, 80 km ~ 2h

Let’s get 80 km on great paved road till Dien Bien. We then check in hotel and spend rest of the day to visit historical relics around city. With people who like history, the North west Vietnam motorbike tour always is the best choice.

Spend a night in a great eco-resort with lake and hills surrounding.


– Night in hotel

Day 5 : Dien Bien – Sin Ho, 160 km ~ 6h

In the morning, we have great straight road heading North from Dien Bien. You will explore the typical landscape of North west of Vietnam with rice paddies and villages stay along the road. The ride gets more exciting after lunch, on the way up to Sin Ho. Sin Ho is a scenic mountain town with a large percentage of ethnic minorities and it has a colorful Sunday market to offer. Sin Ho is a 38-km climb on a very steep and winding road from road no.12; the turn off is about 1 km north of the village of Chan Nua, on the road from Lai Chau.


– Night in hotel

Day 6 : Sin Ho – Sapa, 140 km ~ 4h

Another day of the North west Vietnam motorbike tour with taking many passes and curves. It seems that the mountain road never ends connecting through from Sin Ho till Sapa. Sapa is a very touristy town in high elevation, surrounded by rugged mountain ranges and stunning valleys. In Sapa, you find a particular mixture of a modern life and the hill tribes culture. An interesting place to explore!

– B,L,D

– Night in hotel

Day 7 : Sapa, rest day

Rest day. Full day for relaxing, trekking and exploring Sapa & around.


– Night in hotel

Day 8 : Sapa – Vu Linh, 180 km ~ 6h

We start from Sapa, down to Lao Cai town to visit the Friendship Bridge with China. We do a stop in Luc Yen town a famous place of delayed precious stone pictures. From Luc Yen we follow along the side of Thac Ba lake with beautiful villages, limestone mountains, rice and palm fields.

Arrive in Vu Linh, a village of White Trouser Dao locates on the side of Thac Ba Lake. Leave the bikes in our host family – where we will stay for a night – and then we experience of paddling a small single boat by our feet with local people to discover the life of local Dao and Cao Lan minority people.

– B,L,D

– Night in Dzao’s family

Day 9 : Vu Linh – Hanoi, 175 km ~ 5h

The last day of the North west Vietnam motorbike tour is an easy day to ride back to Hanoi by following the Chay River on dirt road, last chance to enjoy dirt riding in North Vietnam. Beautiful scenery of daily life boating, maize and rice fields, beautiful villages of Tay and King people.

– B,L

– Tour ends!

By Nguyen Anh Tuan



  1. KEITH WARWICK says:

    Hi, we are coming from Australia for a motorbike tour in March 2016.
    There will be 4 or 6 men, no women. We all are experienced riders. I am the oldest at 57 years old.
    We would like to hire bikes and do northeast or northwest Vietnam. About 7 or 8 days will be good I think ?
    We would like to stay in hotels every night, not homestay.
    We like to drink beer and whiskey every night. Is this okay ?
    Can you organise this? Is March a good time for nice weather? Not too hot, not too cold in mountains, not too much rain ? Do the bikes have luggage rack or saddlebags to carry clothes etc. ?
    We are definitely coming in March or April and want guide speak good English, arrange motorbikes, hotels, meals, beer and whiskey.

    Please help us have a great holiday in your country

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