Off road Vietnam motorcycle tours

Off road Vietnam motorcycle tours

– Special landscapes in remote areas

– Big challenge with the most difficult off road in the world

– Go deeply into local people’s life
– Private route
– Up to 90% off-road/day
– Make some adventures of your lifetime
– Flexible

The off road Vietnam motorcycle tours are tough! We only recommend to experienced riders who have at least 5-year riding or have done similar riding on off-road before. The motorcycle included in package is Honda Baja/XR 250cc or other kinds of 250cc engine motorcycle. But we also provide smaller off-road bike due to your better hand control on smaller frame.


Off road in North west Vietnam:

Since 2010, MOTOTOURS ASIA offers a new motorbike tour which is mentioned about off-road riding in a popular site for tourist: the North West with high mountain ranges and colorful traditional dressed of local hill tribes. The first idea to travel there will be visiting Dien Bien Phu, Sapa, Pha Din pass etc. As you may understand that Sapa and surroundings are touristy and now become destinations in some kind of soft ride.

Off road Vietnam motorcycle tours

Off road north west Vietnam

We do not say no to a chance to ride with riders up there but find more challenges. This tour is for those who love to see another sight from epic land of Vietnam. Avoid the main route which has been well-know for 15 years, we bring you to trails and jungles. Fist part of ride will be along Black River which is used to be the most rough river in northern region. Then you can explore a wild area around Sin Ho, Muong Lay before head down to Ma River which is closed to Laos border. The highlight of tour is not only come from riding, also a great opportunity to see rural life of many ethnic groups such as Thai, H’mong etc and very wild landscape which seems to be undiscovered still.

Off road in North east Vietnam:

Off road Vietnam motorcycle tours

Off road North east Vietnam

These areas of Ha Giang are more for experienced bikers with high “Rock and Roll” skills. We are talking about a name of rock and typical mountainous hill tribes. Such for a long time, Ha Giang province seems to fell into unwaked sleep. People only tell separate stories and amazement of its magnificent nature. Ha Giang is a remarkable destination with limestone karts and especially a “rocky plateau” which can not be compared to anywhere in the world.

So now you may compare and consider which one is the best, however, from our experience they are both as great and rewarding as each other.

The question to ask is: which one best suits you?

And now, with MOTOTOURS ASIA, you – all the travelers can explore the whole story by yourselves. This motorbiking tour will take you deeply into this region and bring you a great adventure of lifetime.


We only provide the detailed itinerary of the Off road Vietnam motorcycle tours for direct contacts.

You only let us know how many days you have, how’s your riding experience and which part you want to take.



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    I am Ashiwn from India. I would like to join your upcoming off-road motorbike trip group to Combodia, loas and vietnam. Please let me know more details regarding the same.

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