Mr DAVIDSON Ross – From Canada

Mr DAVIDSON Ross (Tet Fiesta Tour. January 23-31, Big North of Vietnam, Motorcycle touring)

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From: Ross DavidsonMr DAVIDSON Ross
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 9:30 PM
Subject: Reference for Voyage Vietnam

Dear Lonely Planet,

I want to recommend a company called Voyage Vietnam located at 2 Luong Ngoc Quyen, Hanoi Vietnam ( for inclusion in Lonely Planet vietnam.

I located and booked a 10 day TET Festival motorcycle tour over the internet and was very pleased with the tour, the people at Voyage Vietnam and the price.

Here is the feedback I gave Voyage Vietnam on the tour.

I highly reccommend Voyage Vietnam

Ross Davidson (retired 59 year old male)
Mississauga, Ontario.

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