How to get visa


MOTOTOURS ASIA provides very good service of visa and passport renewal and extension solutions serving customers throughout the world in Vietnam.
We understand that you are not pleasure of spending time for visa and passport long procedures in Vietnam with wasting time waiting. Our vision is able to be dedicated to help customers thrive by getting a visa and passport or extend them in the shortest time. We want to help all customers make their lives and business better by our ability and services that are tailored to their needs and a low-fee-charged.

Visa form

To apply Visa for Vietnam, you just fill our form here and give it back to us. An email will be sent within 3 days for “a letter of visa upon arrival”!

One you get the Visa Letter from Vietnam Immigration Department that we sent, then you will need to print out the letter, 2 passport pictures (3×4 cm) and bring with you. Pay the stamp fee at the airport then you will get the visa. The stamp fee depends on your nationality but it will be from 25-35 USD/visa.


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  1. Ricky Lynn Crandell says:

    I am signing up for either the Overland Crossing Border Tour or the Grand Northern Tour of Vietnam.

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