Who We Are?

MOTOTOURS ASIA is founded in 1996, specializing in motorcycle tours, motorcycle expedition and all kind of offroad adventures…to make your entire experience one to remember – for all the right reasons. We are working hard and try our best every day to improve our services to meet your needs. The magical link that brought our members together was a common affinity for the love of adventures and a desire to discover the rare and wonderful things that truly flood to the edge of Asia’s political borders – and beyond.

When you travel with MotoTours Asia, whether it be one single person or a larger group, we will make sure that every detail is taken care of, before, whilst on tour and after. We can offer tour by any means of transport. The possibilities are endless. We can take you wherever you want, whenever you want. Our trips are constrained only by how much time you have and your own dream of adventure. We can arrange tours from just one day to a few months but our focus is always the same to give you the best way to appreciate the culture, sights, sounds, food and the spirit of people you meet during the trip. We uncover the hidden charm of unexplored natural wonders; with our experience, we can make an adventure a real adventure.

Are you planning a motorcycle tour and having a dream for a trip of a lifetime? intimate affair. If you are not, consider it! We here at MotoTours Asia can help you. With our knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, your dream can become a reality. Let’s be off swiftly for your adventure of a lifetime!