Your tour guide leaders

The local guides of motorcycle tours must call the TOUR LEADER as they are, most of them coming from the countryside itself they are the best interpreters and facilitator, qualities that make them the exceptional guides they are and justifying the reputation they have established.

Being driven by a passion for adventure and a love for their country and people. They are all experienced scholars on the history and culture and will be able to share all this knowledge with you. However, as they say “If there is no difficulty, there will be no discovery”, this is truly a rewarding experience.

All the motorcycle tour guides have conquered every pass, stream and jungle path your tour will come across, right up to the top roof of Himalaya and beyond. They will make sure that every detail is taken care of before and whilst on tour, leaving it to you to have the adventure of a lifetime.



The motorcycle tour guides will help you understand their cousins in the country. They themselves grew up in the rice fields before heading into school in the capital city. With these roots, they are clearly best able to understand the attention to detail of rural life. Their love and understanding will clearly be reflected in the encounters you have with all the locals you meet along the road, whether it be the children on the side of the road, the old man having a break and smoking pipe, or the woman harvesting rice. When you go on a tour with them, you will feel that they have big family with helpful brothers, friends everywhere. With their experiences can assure you unforgettable adventures wherever you go on a trip in Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar or overland-crossing border tour between those countries.

Most of the motorcycle tour guides are fluent in English, French and several local ethnic dialects, providing the opportunity for you to forge relationships with locals and gain a personal insight into the daily lives of the people you come across. You will have be able to quiz them on anything your heart and mind desires